From a poll I saw this morning. \’Would you tell your friends you\’re pos?\’

I figure if you\’re close enough to someone to call them your friend, they probably already know. And if you wouldn\’t tell them something that big, for whatever reason, then you probably don\’t need them to be your friend.



I mean, There are people I say hi to and talk about life in general with who I wouldn\’t call friends. Friends are supposed to be people you can count on to have fun with and share problems with right?




Very early I started letting people around me know I\’m pos no matter who they were. If they didn\’t want to be around me because of that, then I wouldn\’t lose anything. Most of the time though there are a few questions then life goes on and it\’s not a big deal.



Telling can be a good way of finding out who your \’friends\’ really are. If someone didn\’t want to hang around, I may not know the reason so I just let it go & not worry about it.


Someday you could be in a hospital and wouldn\’t you want a friend to visit and not have to lie about why you\’re there? And how would a friend feel if they learned your status only after you couldn\’t hide it anymore?



Having to cover and lie all the time is a waste of precious energy. Not worth the stress on you. Certainly not worth the stress on me. Heck stress\’ll kill ya faster than anything.


I do get that there are some situations where not telling is a better idea. But when you let someone into your life and know they\’re going to be sticking around a while isn\’t one of them. I think.



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