Hi everyone!! Happy 2009!

   I was bad and skipped two days of my workout. I had good excuses though. Well really it's still my fault because it was time management issues.  Anyways, worked out again today!


  I started feeling jittery last night and well yesterday was also the day my monthly visitor decided to show up. For any guys reading this sorry in advance. I know you really don't want to hear about women's monthly visitors. It's important to talk about though because for me it is an anxiety trigger. The fluctuation in hormones makes me super jittery and drives me nuts!! I am hoping that getting into better physical shape will get rid of this for me. We will see.

  So I went to sleep at around 1 am and woke up again around 2 am. I got on my lap top for a while to get my mind off of my racing heart and kept drinking water. I live in Idaho and the air is super dry even with my house humidifier so I seem to get dehydrated easily.  I finally calmed back down after watching some you tube videos. I like to watch a guy that does panic room and another guy who also talks about dealing with anxiety. They are both great! They also both seem to having soothing voices that help me get sleepy when it is late. Thanks guys!! And no they are not at all boring. Just soothing.

     I also started the p90x phase one diet. Yes I know I am doing slim in 6 work out but my hubby is doing p90x and the food is really healthy. I will say there is NO possible way I could eat all of the food that the plan calls for. HOLY COW!! It's alot of food haha. Today was 6 egg whites with cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes and onion omelette!! Cottage cheese on the side and strawberries. There was just no way. So I eat alot less than that. The food is really good for your body so I am hoping it will help my anxiety.  I used to eat alot of carbs. ALOT.

    So that's what is going on with me. My anxiety after my workout is not bad. We'll see. I am going to go hop in the shower.

Take care everyone and remember when it comes to mental health….Put your best foot forward nutritionally and physically for your body's sake.


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