how is everyone i would like to say hi to all my friends from the island that is in the middle of the country  man i wood love to move to where there is more people like us but as they they say you can\'t have your cake and eat it to i know you just do it but here lies the the block to that i love  my son and loves to be here with his friends  and school and i am able to to keep tabs on him pretty  where i live small schools are nice that way my family is here for him to my son is everything to me so its whats best for him so i have to defer to that way of thinking i just wish there were  more of the great people i have come to know on here from okla we could help each other but alas its not to be i guess maybe the man upstairs a life lesson i just wish i wasn\'t such a good student  of life maybe i wouldn\'t get called on so much lost my mom when i was in the 10th grade wish she was still here first wife left me for a guy on the internet  second wife gave me this condition and left me and my son because well i don\'t  know the drugs i guess i had everything to do with geting this but she might of given me a heads up i know he dosen\'t give you more then you can handle but but i am ready for a break  oh well if your reading this thanks for hearing me out i will just keep on keeping on its all i know to do i will wake up tommorow and go to work  love my son with all my heart and do the best i can for him hopefully in the end thats good enuff and maybe i am being selfish thinking i might find someone to complete my family  i am geting the ten count but i got ahold of the top rope and i will get up again i am not going to give up none of us should because that gives this thing the upperhand and i refuse to be beat  by it man i hate the peaks and valleys of my mind maybe someone  else as smiliar thoughts and feelings if so i feel your pain and understand the hurt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  


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