It's the beginning of Spring and with the weather being so precarious it's hard to know when to plant the garden.  My brother Frog spent the day tilling the garden for me yesterday such a nice surprise.  Today we get to go out and till some other areas as I'm expanding the garden to include a larger strawberry field this year.

I grew some bamboo last year and a friend gave me theirs so I believe I have enough to make a bamboo trellis and a gazebo if I'm lucky.  Knowing I can get more I think I'll have all that I need to complete this job.

As I plant this year I must stop and think about the garden and all that I am doing as I have thoughts of being in the West Asheville Garden Show this year.  I was asked to be in it last year and declined but actually am entertaining the thought of it this year.  I'm just not sure I want a bunch of unknown strangers tracing through my yard.  Then again it is a way of getting to know others from around the area which is a good thing  I guess.

Today the weather is perfect with clouds over hanging and in the 70's I think we can get a lot done today.  It's a beautiful day and I don't plan on spending it indoors if I can help it.  Too much fun to do outside.  My only temptation is not to plant the garden yet as it may be a bit to early if we get one more cold snap before may.  It seems like we get one every year around this time cold weather moves in and freezes everything.  I just don't want a late garden.

Yard work gives me peace of mind allowing my energy to flow with nature and to enjoy the out doors in new ways.  It's always a benefit to see when everything grows, ripens and is ready to eat.  The satisfaction of growing your own food, such a simple thing I enjoy doing.


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  1. Loki 12 years ago

    Hey there,I  enjoyed your blog ! My parther and I make vegetable and herb gardens every year, but they sound miniscule compared to yours! Our biggest thing is the herbs which we use fresh as long as possible. I could eat a salad  of nothing but Sweet Basil if given the opportunity..Our favorite thing to do with them (besides eating fresh) is to infuse cooking oil with their essences.. We were able to make Christmas presents this year doing that…Oh yes,  I also took about  5 lbs of Lemon Basil leaves and pureed them in the food processor then put it into Glycerin soaps on ropes They looked like Spinich soaps to me but our friends loved them. What a MESSY process!   I don't know if I'll be doing that one again! lol

    Alright, you blog has inspired to me quit slacking here and get my butt ourside and till that garden! …ps: .maybe you'll post some pictures of your garden when it begins growing?

    Happy Spring!


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