Today would have been my son\'s 21st Birthday!   21years old…Nicholas Patrick…Prince Nicholas Patrick …I was the 3rd daughter of 4 , never had any brothers nor my father a son. He was the first boy in our immediate family the first grandson! He was special from day one….see I was 19 and didnt know a thing about a thing or two so decided to give him up for adoption..thought it\'d be the best choice. He came today, 2 days after Christmas….(the name Nicholas…St Nicholas , wasnt prepared to name him as I wasnt keeping him) but I cried and cried the night after having him (6:05pm) a nurse came into my room about 4:30am, Veronica , my angel, she had a nice talk with me and told me that the choice was truly mine and that if my child were to get sick or if i read the paper could I stand not knowing if it was my child. NO so she asked if I knew what i had, and I did not, but told her I wanted to keep it. She told me I had a beautiful boy and ran me down to see him.

Everyting was fine, my son soon became Prince as he was treated by everyone as such. He walked at 10mos and started talkin soon after (short sentences) smart beyond his years.  Well he limped one day and to make a long story short ,after 21/2 weeks of tests, I found out he had Leukemia.He ws 16months old WTF! my world caved but knew I had to be strong for him because we would beat it. We spents days , weeks and 2 mos when he had bone marrow transplant (the youngest one at the time to have one) It went very well.He was able to be at home for his 2nd bday. I was soo happy. Jan 31st he woke up crying his hands was back. with vengence. I lost my baby, my prince March 15,1991….Still miss him as it was yesterday.

Thinking of you now & always………….mom


  1. pink68 12 years ago

    Sorry to be such a downer …a bit sad but at peace I am . Just wanted him to know not a day goes by without me thinking of him, specially on his day. He passed March 91 , my princess arrived 2 mos prematurely and is doing fine. Simone, 18 & in college. I am so very proud of her!!

    Making a big pot of chili and watching some football and maybe a bit of celebration, after all his 21 he is legal to drink!!! Ill take his.

    Life is short…..take the time to let that person(s) know that you care and love them!

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  2. pink68 12 years ago

    Thank u all, it just feel good to write out and let it out & be known , in black & white. I can celebrate this year!!

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  3. Puglover 12 years ago

    Those "pains" you feel in your heart, are just a reminder of where you son is now..and will be your warm warm heart…

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