I had a severe panic attack monday morning and went to the emergency room via ambulance. It was not fun at all. Ever since I started taking this antibiotic thatI am on (Vancocin), I have been feeling like crap. I get this feeling of restlessness in my shoulders and chest. If I take my depakote er, I am extremely tired to the point that I can't function. Well, I made the mistake of not taking it like I was supposed to since I started this medication and my anxiety has been hitting me hard ever since. I hate it! I called 911 because I was having pounding heartbeat, extreme shakiness, and felt like I was dying. So, when they got here, they turned the wrong way in the apartment complex and about five minutes later they finally found me sitting outside. When I was in the ambulance, one of the EMTs was trying to establish an IV and ended up blowing two veins in my right arm. So, another EMT tried my left arm and got it in the first time. They tested my blood glucose and it was 165. When we finally got to the hospital, they did an ekg, chest x-ray, blood work twice, gave me a pill of nitro, gave me 1 mg of xanax and1 mg of klonopin, and all the testing came back fine. So, it ended being diagnosed as a panic attack. They drew my blood at the hospital about two to two and a half hours after the last time that I ate anything and my blood glucoselevel was at 193 at that point. I ended up going and getting a psych eval done at a local unit and they offered inpatient for me but the lady said that it sounded like I just needed to talk to my psychiatrist about getting back onto my meds. Wednesday was no fun. I had to see the nurse at 8:30 am and I only had about 3 hours of sleep throughout the night because I was tossing and turning. Talk about feeling anxiety ridden and also feeling like I was in a nightmare at the same time. When I got home, I took a klonopin because I was extremely anxious, and went to sleep (sucked because it almost took an hour to get to sleep because i felt so restless). So, hopefully I can get to sleep quickly after I go to bed in a minute. It just seems like I can't clear my mind when I need to sleep. I am constantly worrying that I am going to end up in the psych unit. I have come to terms that if this needs to happen, that I will go. I am just scared like crazy because I have never been there and a family member of mine has been to a state hospital and I have seen how things are there. I only hope that if I do go to this place, which is not a state hospital, that it is very calming unlike where my family member was. It just seems like ever since I started taking this antibiotic, that stuff has been going downhill (doesn't help that I haven't been taking my depakote properly). I see my therapist in the morning so I hope that seeing her will help with what is going on and that she can calm me down a little bit because my anxiety is higher than normal. Have a question for anybody that does any typing on this site, does it seem like sometimes when youare typing, that the letters that you hit on your keyboard do not show up? I have been having a problem with this and it seems to be that this site is the only place that it happens.

  1. krungkrung 9 years ago

    (((hugs))) I know how that feels– extreme bouts of anxiety and panic. Don\'t worry, things will get better. It always does. Just take your medication regularly and try to take it easy. :o)

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  2. bigtruck9449 9 years ago

    It\'s horrible because you think death is heading your way. Not fun at all. Just the thought of not being with my friends and family scares me because nobody really knows what\'s on the other side until you get there.

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  3. Tired_of_This 9 years ago

    Hope you are doing better by now. Been to the Emergency room for similar situation a few months ago. It is no fun. Try and take your medicines or talk to your Doctor about different ones if the ones you are on are giving you bad side effects.

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