I know I'm being a jerk but I'm tired of my roommate's utter laziness. I have my own hoarding/OCD issues, and even so, I still do my best to keep fixing it. If only he knew how friggin' awful it is for me to do simple things like cleaning up a mess or taking out the trash. He's not mentally ill. He can do it in a jiffy, yet he always finds some dumb-ass, lazy excuse, because "he works". Apparently he seems to think that justifies NEVER doing house work. Fuck him. Yes, he houses me, yes, he's been there, but this crap he gives me on that side is really pissing me off and I'm starting to lose the niceness I think I owe him for everything else. There's clearly a difference between being there and needing to grow the f***up. I do him the FAVOR of putting his water bottles in the fridge for work, for the next day, and I'm in the middle of doing things on my computer, and he leaves the fridge open, on purpose, so I put the water bottles in, right NOW, because he so wants it. Sure, he could have done it but that's what I usually do. So, instead, he gives me a sheepish/impish little smile when I look at him and sticks out his tongue at me while making a raspberry. I told him "You don't have to leave that open so I do it now. I can do it later." but then I got up to close the fridge door just snapped and said aloud "If only that would work with you when I wanted you to do the effin' trash, immediately". Of course, he bolted to his room because it's true and he never does. He's always avoiding and I hate begging. I'm so sick of his man-babyness. He's a man-boy and it disgusts me. Maybe it's harsh but, in my family, despite their own dysfunction, all the men, cook, clean, do their own laundry, iron their clothes, even hem, etc, and it's not considered "girly", petty or excessive. It's just being a practical, responsible, self-respecting person. Wtf is wrong with this immature, PCgame addict, mama's boy giant? I love him, I swear but, god, he's wearing my patience thin!!! I found myself being verbally volatile at him and it's not right and part of me doesn't feel sorry for it and wants the quip to wake him up. I don't like that. I don't like that one bit. That's what they did to me. That's how they try to manipulate still.



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