noi was just sitting here talking to my husband about our situation and of course as ya'll know the HIV situation in the world and i have to say that we have come across some real dumb people because we live in a small town and so many of these people are so closed minded that we have been treated like we have the plague, when we got diagnosed back in 1998 we found out that we were number 30/31(known cases) but since then we found out several years ago that there was over 600 known cases in this little town that we live in and that really suprises me because we know some of the HIV+ people but just because you have this noone should be treated badly because of it with all the access known to man all anybody has to do is research this disease and they could educate themselves. i am sure that all of you have been discriminated against at some point or another and that just ain't fair to us, some of us don't even know how we got HIV and some of us do but it shouldn't matter because we all are human and we deserve the same respect as everybody else. i read alot of you that are having trouble getting your medicine payed for by either your insurance company or by the state that you live in but we know some HIV+ people that have had to fight just to get their meds. payed for i ain't don't understand that because i know people that can get their pain meds payed for without any questions or trouble and then when it comes to medicine that will save your life alot of us have to fight tooth and nail to get it how fair is that sometimes i think that they would rather all of us HIV+ people would just die then they would be rid of us but i don't know about ya'll but i would rather fight to the death then let them win. so to all of ya'll that are having trouble getting your medicine (that would save yourlife) please keep up the fight and down let the system win!!! in the little shithole of a place that i live in our hospital is privately owned and are so cheap that they don't even have any HIV meds at our hospital so if someone gets sick and is admitted to the hospital has to take their own meds i guess that is why i always drive 2 hours away from where i live just to see a Dr. plus the Drs and nurses here treat us like we are shit and that we should just die so that we that the state wouldn't have to take care of us but the way i see it is that HIV is no different then if you had cancer or any other kind of illness i beleive that we all should be treated with the same respect so lets all keep up the fight against they stupid ass people till they start to treat us all with respect!!!

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  1. bratt1166 10 years ago

     you know it sweetheart!! fight til the end!!

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