Well it happened when I was not looking….

I grew up, became a parent, and now I have entered the grandparent stage of my life. 

This is so very cool!

When I was 6 I daydreamed about being 12.

My oh my that sounded so grown up. Imagine being 12!!  I would learn how to drive and awe and amaze everyone at my natural ability.  I would be granted a drivers license, being the youngest person to ever be given this driving privilege. 

When I was 12 I imaged life at 18.  I would be an adult, and would move as far away from these people as I possibly could.  I would be able to do what I wanted, when I wanted, and if I did not want to clean my room (it is MY ROOM!!!) then I would not have to.  

Life did not turn out quite like I imagined.   I did not learn how to drive till I was 14, and I most certainly did not have a "natural ability".  The first lesson I almost ran the car into a ditch, it was so hard to maintain a straight heading. 

At 18 I had been married for 2 years, and found that being an adult was not as glamorous as envisioned. Bills to pay, a baby to care for, my room was a mess and I felt disorganized and overwhelmed. 

Looking back 20 years later I realize that life is so very short.

It seems it was  just yesterday I was a little girl. …

  Just a few short hours ago I was a rebellious teenager determined to have her way….

 just  a few minutes ago I was dropping my own little girl off at grade school.

All I did was blink


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