hey every one sorry I have been so distant, I have had so much goin on lately I haven’t forgoten you. I am trying to save my business and house ect… Seems like hopes of familoy life have passed me by.
Buess I kinda deserve it> If you take something for granted long enough it goes away. I was trying to make a major change but it was too late, and I lost my kool, I really dont know what all has went down before during and after, but it doesn’t matter. I am here to tell you if you are contemplating whether or not you are almost in my shoes or not, Friend dont hesitate save yourself and your family. dont wait too long like i did! I was stupid and i put way too much effort in the money and things of the world and what really mattered has passed me by, slipped away and more than likely will never be here again. Sur I will get visitation, But thats not fathering Itll have to do, but it can never be the same not for me not for my children, and it sux. someones gotta be sad though I am the one that deserves it most so ill live and die with the misery i have brought on myself. I ask that everyone that reads this to step back really step back and look at what you do have! Then ask sincerely what can i do to show how thankful i am? or am i thankful enough? really look at yourself and if you have any questions just ask me Ill tell you what i did to mess up and all that i never did and did to put me here in the shoes i am wearing right now.
If any one needs an ear hit me up I will listen and be there as a friend if I can.
Have a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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