One day, in a perfect world HIV won't have the stigma that accompanies the virus. Unfortunately that day has not come and probably never will since HIV is associated with sex, one the most basic primal urges. In our own effort to separate ourselves from the "animal kingdom" somehow we all believe that we are different. After much travelling across this planet I have come to a conclusion that we are just the latest most powerful version of the animal kingdom. If given the chance or reason in a life or death situation we will resort to a base conscious and kill each other to eat, reproduce and live..

I'm sure your thinking, no we are a civilized society and that may happen in third world countries, but not here! As certainly as you are sitting in front of your computer reading this someone is making money off of your lack of health, poor financial situation, or just waiting to take back your "property" and will make money off you once you are dead! The sooner this fact is realized the more prepared one is to fight back. I can assure you that Natural Selection (aka thinning of the heard) is alive and well even in our civilized society.

Many of you will really disagree with me on this one, and that is fine. I still consider you all my friends. I do know that you can't blame yourself for getting this disease. If you go out to eat and later get sick with a cold, we don't say ,"Well we know that that person deserved to get a cold because they were hungry." Or if you went to work at an office building and contracted the seasonal flu no one says, " Serves them right for trying to go out and make some money and earn a living." Heck, if you are scratched by an animal from a visit at the park and contract Rabies, no one says you deserved it because you tried to enjoy nature!…….. I am damn near sick and tired of hearing that we got this virus because we all deserved it! I deserved nothing, and who the f**k are you to decide it?

Somehow a fictitious deity wrote a book through dead men 2000 years ago and I'm wrong? I just don't believe the "moral code" of something that teaches that sacrificing a first born son; women should be subservient to men; or to protect strange travelers in my house from an angry mob – I should tell them to have sex with my wife and daughters!?!? Has anyone actually read the bible outside of the quotes served up on Sunday before brunch and high tea? I have. Perhaps you should try it sometime, its one screwed up book and will make you think differently about a benevolent and loving "God". Once you get done you might actually think thats one vengeful S.O.B and that "god" seems almost human…….just like the "men" who wrote it. Now, I try to live in this life and be as respectful to others as I can. Morally, I do not put other people at risk, and I I shall continue to go on and live my life and enjoy it. If you can't separate yourself from the stigma associated with this disease then I do feel very sorry for you. But don't even try to "condemn" me in doing so…….

  1. TravelingMan1966 12 years ago

    Didnt deserve it.. didnt want it .. didnt try to get it..

    oh well.. have it . .need to deal with it.. need to go on with it.. ..

    peace to all..

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  2. Romeo 12 years ago

     FYI – This was in response to someone that wrote to me on here. And in what I can only assume was self justification – called me out on my own agnostic views and said I had deserved this because my beliefs and had put myself at risk.  No I will not call them out but I sure as hell hope they read it – B 

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  3. adoni 12 years ago

    No one deserve to get this disease  and that's the bottom line , as far as the bible thing go's man worte the bible and as we all know man is prown to make mistakes …

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