I rebounded from one relationship to another and without taking the time process it all.

Now, I regret thinking that the actions of moving ahead would somehow help with closure.

It didn’t for me!

Recently, several events have triggered me thinking about how the former relationship ended.  Yet, the first few weeks were so lovely.  The rest of situation ship could be described as he was dismissive, cruel, hot/ cold, controlling, snobby, entitled.

The first few weeks of knowing him were nice.

The rest of the time was down hill.

Then, I gave up and moved on.    Then, he found out and that I was engaged and he counter proposed.

Fast forward, it is late at night and I think about how nice the first few weeks were and the connection that he and I seemed to have.  I liked how he treated me then.   I would of married “that” version of him.

The rest of the situation ship was not acceptable to build a future on.

My heart hurts for the past heart ache and waste of what seemed to be so good that went so heart shattering.   Then, a proposal?

I just hurts to have my heart ripped out and


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