When I was 15, I was kicked out of the house. I often walked the streets at night. Once, I was walking at about 10pm on my way to my friend's house. A man was standing on the corner. he said hello to me, and i spoke back. He tried to continue the conversation, but I continued walking. He walked with me, and asked me for sex for money. I told him no, I don't do that. pulled me under the bridge. He covered my mouth and kissed my face. Then he took his hand off and started kissing my mouth, with his tongue all in it.  he pulled down my pants., and he raped me, but did not bust. When he was done, he asked if I liked it. I didn't fight or anything. All i did was get up and walk away. I don't know why, I couldn't react or anything. He got up, and came up behind me, and grabbed me. He kept saying "please please please please" and bent me over. He came in me. And i let him. I walked to my friend's house, and never told anyone about what happened. I never suspected he had aids. I never put the story together. But later on, I became really sick. I had a fever and headache, and really my whole body ached. My back, my side. there was a bump in my armpit, and a bump in my side. I was always tired. I never got it checked out. Soon, the sickness went away. A few monthes later, I lost a bunch of weight. My mom took me to the doctor to see why. she told me I was fine. three years later… I was looking at the syptoms of aids on a poster, and my heart dropped. Then i remembered the rape, and thought it thru. Today I got tested. I'm now 18 🙁

  1. june61 10 years ago

    Hello . Sorry to hear ur ordeal. I hope the test result will come back negative. But if it is so there is life after being tested positive .keep strong and positive .goodluck

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  2. StillaRose 10 years ago

    I wish you the very best. I, like the other two comments hope you are negative. If not you have support and new found friends here. There is life after poz…. good luck

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