So…today we did another 50 mile training ride…it was pretty much the same route as last weekend but starting in the middle of last weekends ride and going from there and than back a different way…what does that mean…MORE HILLS!!!! and CHALLENGING ONES!!! Next time I promise I will take a picture of one so you can see what I'm talking about..but this time my main goal was to focus on what was ahead and get up the damn thing…and guess what!!! I did the tough hills with ease this time around!!! I wasn't huffing and puffing and I was going at a quicker pace as well and I made it up each one without walking…actually I lied…on the way back home I walked up a few meters of one because I was dilerious and at the point of dehydration so that doesn't really count…so anyways the morning started off with a quick yoga session at a sports shop in westlake I believe it was and then we embarked through to calabasas and thousand oaks then back I believe…the morning was cool but once we hit the road temperatures hit a high of 32/33 degrees celcius for my Canadian readers and 90-92 Farenheit for my American readers!! THATS RIDICULOUS!!! you best believe I have the most disgusting tan line ever hahahaha I need to work on evening that out before the wedding i'm going to in May!!!

I met some amazing new people today and rode with people I met last weekend…Brendan, Mark and Brian..I love you guys!!

Anyways…last posting I promised stories!!! AND BOY DO I HAVE STORIES FOR YOU!!!!! First off my most impressive goal achievements in such a short period of time…I'll be zooming up those hills like they are nothing in no time at this rate!! well I may be exaggerating when I say in no time but come June 1 I'll be zooming up those hills like they are next to nothing (notice the grammatic change in there! haha)…so for my story…somewhere down the line when it was getting really hot in the day and in the boonies with farm pastures and bulls with horns roaming in the fields we hit some nice windy roads and I would have to say I was going at a pretty good pace and had no one around me that I can see distance wise in either direction…we started on a little incline before hitting a huge one and I notice my bike start to wobble…I start to break getting a little freaked out because no one is around…next thing I know my front wheel pops out from under my bike frame and rolls into the ditch next to me…I don't know how it happened but I managed to catch myself from falling in a way that I would injure myself and got off my bike and brought it into the ditch went to grab my wheel and prayed someone would come up behind me soon…it would have had to have been a good few minutes later im all scared I went the wrong way or forgot to take a turn somewhere and I started to freak out because Im sure that there were people not too far behind me if I was pulled over for awhile…Moments later I hear womens voices…im standing there with my bike in one hand and my wheel in the other saying omg my wheel came off I dont know what to do…does anyone stop for me…NOPE!!!!! its scortching hot outside im in the boonies and the group of people that were behind me left me there alone with my wheel in my hand and all shaken up thinking im gonna have to wait till they come back down hours later to get help or something…(I later found out we wouldnt even be going back home the way we came..IMAGINE THAT!!!! OMG I WOULD HAVE FLIPPED!!)…but God bless on easter sunday another group of cyclists (one was Mark with bunny ears on…so cute!) come by and stop before I even have to ask for help or say anything…why becuase they see my freakin wheel in my hand and how distraught I am!! They help me with my wheel and make sure its back on tight after trying to figure out what the problem was…and we set back on..we are like waaaayyyy behind now…and Mark, Brendan, and Virginia? (sorry i cant remember her name).were all pretty pissed off that no one stopped to help me or at least stand with me until help came and called up Brian who was already near the lunch stop..where it turns out he had lectured everyone on community!! YEAH ME! so we were way behind and we took it at an even pace cause im all freaking out about my wheel thinking its gonna pop off on a downhill or something…(may I add if it had I most definatley had been seriously injured)…so we make it up more hills and canyons to the lunch stop and  guess the group of cyclists that left me didnt come forth after the lecture because  another two were given before we left and they werent naming names…(we knew who they were obviously but didnt want to point fingers)…so after the second lecture they come over and apologize saying they didnt know what to do so they kept going thinking someone who would know would be behind them…I was over it so I said it was ok or whatever…at least they apologized…

Now driving out from our lunch break and heading back to the start, we hit the first traffic lights just as we turn out and some pyscho guy in a black supped up acura pulls over and starts swearing at our ride leader Brian and  he pulls over…The guy gets out of his car, leaves the front door open in the right lane where traffic has to go around him and try to avoid hitting his front door and gets right up into Brians face..hes just swearing and yelling about nothing…We are obviously all terrified for him cause this guy had some serious issues over nothing..(I think he wanted to make a right turn but we were in his lane waiting for the light to turn green or something..I dont know…everyone else in the group kept going and another group of riders came up from behind the altercation and luckily it was a group of men and they got between the angry guy who was drunk and smelling of alcohol just after noon so that he couldnt hit Brian or was really scary…but as soon as the light turned green the group ignored him and rode off quickly while hes still yelling behind us…I swear we were all scared that the guy was gonna bring his car around and run him down!! it was messed up…im really glad those other guys came up behind to intervene…it was a pretty easy breezy ride after that we had a nice breeze helping us along the next little stretch…the crazy guy was gone and everything was back to normal..

With about 14 miles left to get home the sun is at its highest and I run out of water…we make an extra pit stop to fill up but  its too late by this point and  the sun already got to me…So we went ahead a bit and then I decided if I went further Id black out from dehydration..I mean I was delerious…so we turned around and went back to the spot we got water from..ran into brian and his group and we arranged for a pick up by brendan when he got back to the parking lot…turns out that his chain completely broke off while he was hurrying to get to his car and it took im awhile to get back…what a day for everyone…all the events leading up to the next…Brendan is amazing!! he came to rescue us in the boonies of where ever we were and brought us back to civilzation..Brendan saves the day again..haha..of course Brian and a group of riders helped as well..all in all it was a very eventful day…I conquered my climbs with a few events in between and was very disappointed I couldnt finish the ride but glad I didnt push to the point where I'd be writing to you with an IV in my arm in a hospital bed on my iphone!

Im going to take it easy this week with shorter to no rides becuase on saturday I have my first century and need to rest up for that!!! Wish me luck and again stay tuned for more stories!!

Thanks for the support..




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