Lately I have had trouble with my appetite and eating in general. So much so that i was surprised at my last Dr visit to find that Ihad lost twenty pounds and still counting. I am amongthe many people that could stand to lose a pound ortwo and have been trying to tone up, but wasting from HIV does appeal to me at all as I had lost well over 80 pounds backin the day when i had AIDS.A good friend of mine told me to ask about medical marijuana. I am already prescribed Marinol.( The pill formof THC ) for this and it seems to have lost its effectiveness. I have a good relationship with my dr. and we discussed it and I left his office after a follow up visit with a script and the idea to give it a try. The process to get it a card out here was funny in that, I knew I was a candidate that would easily get approved and soon found myself surrounded by stoners all there for the same reason. The great diversity of people was a shock, although i dont know why, There was young and oldalike, some people in wheelchairs and others that appeared healthy as a horse. But I tried not to guesseach of there own reasonsas I wouldnt want that being done to me.It was actually a pleasant surprise at how nice everyone was while I filled out all my papers and then went to get rubber stamped for the card. With a script from my Dr. with the diagnosis of HIV I was in and out in just few minutes and was even congratulated by some well wishers on the way out. So off I went to the dispensary, which I had researched and felt was a good one, though I really had no idea what to expect. after a bit more paperwork i was invited to the sanctuary as they call it and was overwhelmed by the choices available. I was assigned a very nice young lady to help me out in choosing, and was a bit dissapointed when I told her I wanted a strain that would help with my appetite and she really had no clue. However I perserved and walked out with some medicated hard candy and a small amount of MJ to give it go. A week into it I have had mixed results, my appetite has not really gotten better, but I have been greatly impressed with the lessening of nausea. So Iam off to research which kind will get me the munchies so I can keep from becoming the incredible shrinking man. There is also the side effect of getting high, which while not opposed completely to I have found it takes some getting used to. Plans must be made so I dont have to drive etc etc. I think the whole process was enlightening and not what I expected at all. Niether good nor bad just very different. I am interested in any feedback from people here that have tried this and may have some advice for me. I hope to hear from you soon.. Take care all…Scott…

PS.Oh and I must try to remember to war a belt so my pant stay up…lol


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