Last night I was at a meeting and the topic was “Just for today” not too original but very powerful. I thought about how hard it is in early recovery to live just for today or in the moment. It took quite awhile for me to be able to live in the moment. Not that I can to it all the time but I can do it more then I ever could. It seemed imposable to stop my mind from thinking of the past (Shame and Quilt) or the future (kayos – hopelessness) Let me share just a few moments of the last two days with you. On my way home yesterday from work I got in a big traffic jam. The sky was dark and you could see a strong storm coming. The old me would have been annoyed but I saw a rainbow and all I could think was ‘Does anyone else see that?’ I wanted to yell “look – look at the rainbow!” I took two pictures with my phone (didn’t do it justice) and was just content to be right where I was. Stuck in traffic on a stormy afternoon looking at GODS artwork. To night I took my whole family out to eat at the Texas Roadhouse. Love that place. I sat there and listened to my wife and children just talk and eat off each others plate. I got my youngest (13) to try grilled shrimp for the first time and she loved it. I love seeing a child discover something good for the first time. Seeing that is a gift. Now as I write this my children are sitting in the other room watching old home movies (I know sounds like a TV show) and laughing at the way we looked over 10 years ago. If you’re new I promise that one day you too will enjoy living in the moment more then you ever did. Happiness is not getting what you want – it wanting what you have. Just for today.       Johnny Wheels    

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  1. michaelcali 12 years ago

    Now that was Moving…More so than you might imagine..thank you so much..Mike…

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