Yes, I had a Cher slapping reality check. As much as I hated yesterdays experience ~ who really wants to look at their flaws ~ and had the unbelievable urge to hide from the world for the rest of my life….that simply was not possible. I have a job. I have a mortgage and bills to pay, at the end of the day, I was myself. A little more self conscious and a little less direct eye contact but I had to get out of that state of mind. Afterall, I can't put a bag over my head at work….as much as I would've liked to. My life needs to go on.


I want to make some changes…which is why I made an appointment with a skin Dr. and those changes will take time but, hey, all I've got is time so why not live it and make the most out of it. Life is what I make it out to be and retracking back into my lonely shell is not something I wish nor I want to relive.


Sooo, I shall continue living my life, I mean, I certainly do not to drink myself into a stuper nor do anything physically stupid.


That moment freaked me out and it was the self conscious/low self esteem weakness I experienced in which my negative feelings were running rampid in my head and had to type them out to clear my state of mind.


Life goes on ~ red face, yellow eyes and all ~and life is what I make of it and it's up to me not to let my physical appearance hender my willingness to continue my journey for self happiness.Yesterday, was just another 'blemished bump' on the road!


It's going to be tough…but damn it, it's time I stop my physical flaws being the reason or more, the excuse to go forward with my life.


But I do want to thank those who understand that our flaws do hold us back….I can now see, they hold us back, only because we allow them to.



  1. MarcAnthony 10 years ago


    LOL! Aahh, climber, that made my evening!

    Goddess, love ya!

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  2. bash858 10 years ago

    ahah awesome post climber.  here is what i think marc…. as long as my mommy thinks i am handsome, i can careless what the rest of the world thinks 

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