You know, I chose to use my real name here because I'm proud that I've overcome my moods.  I didn't want to hide behind an avatar and let loose words which were anonymous.  It's frightening, sitting here and writing this way.  There are no walls between me and my words, what I write will be circulating  in cyber space as long as the web has power.  (or as long as depressiontribe pays their server bills 🙂 )  I think thats a good thing.

Like you perhaps, I've been banging around on the web for a number of years.  To date myself completely, I remember when AOL was the number one provider and we all hung out in dial up chat rooms! LOL.  That's the 90's equivalent of the disco mirror ball I guess.  Of late, I've taken to using my real identity in cyber space.  I have good reason.

First, I want to be honest.  Honest with my family, my friends and most importantly, honest with myself.  This is the biggest lesson I've learned about being healthy and happy — be honest.  Honesty is it's own reward.

Second, I've decided to live what's left of my life as a writer. (If you knew where I started from, you'd know how unlikely that goal was at one time)  I think writers should be the most honest among us.  Writers I feel, show us who we are, and who we can be.  I like that idea!  I hope to do it well.

I may fail by some measures, and that's okay.  I'll just pick up and try again.  That's the second biggest thing I've learned about being healthy and happy.  You've never really failed as long as you keep on trying.

So I'm happy to be here, part of the tribe.

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  1. Aspiretodream 12 years ago

    Great inspirational words! Truly, honesty is VERY important to living a fulfilling life. Being honest to YOURSELF is definitely important although we may forget to practice this. And of course as long as you keep on trying then you have never failed! The only true failure is giving up completely. You write in a style that is truthful, inspirational, and revealing. Welcome to DT. Best Wishes,


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