I have been a resident of New York State most of my adult life, and have seen much of this Country and the World. I am a little disappointed in New York State elected officials and in the Obama administration in regards to legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes. There are so many documented studies showing that marijuana has fewer side effects than alcohol or cigarettes, and even the extreme right\'s argument that "pot" is a gateway drug has been shown to be weak. Tobacco is the gateway, and is also BIG BUSINESS.

 I was diagnosed AIDS in 2000, and went from 185 lbs( roughly 74 kilos) down to 123 lbs. I have never been a regular user of marijuana, but, I would rather smoke pot than take some of the anti-emetics(nausea pills) that I have been prescribed in the past! I was also given an anti-anxiety med that I was supposed to take at night! I was going through a divorce,bankruptcy, and custody battles… Let me tell you, the combination of the Sustiva and the anti-anxiety med was like NOTHING I have EVER experienced in my life when it comes to VIVID Dreams!! 

 . Producing synthetics and keeping the marijuana plant illegal allows pharmaceutical companies to continue making their profits. Again, I say allow me cheap, quality marijuana and you can keep the more toxic pharmaceuticals on the shelf. 13 States now have legalized marijuana, and Rhode Island is the FIRST Eastern State to open a dispensary for the legal distribution to the sick. COME ON, New York!! WE ARE THE EMPIRE STATE!!! What happened to New York Moxy and leading the way?? I realize that about 93 percent of the State is rural, heck I live in one of the most rural counties in the State, and also know that we have well over a thousand HIV/AIDS infected in this county alone. I can\'t believe that our elected officials continue the debate. I also am aware that smoking marijuana is even more prevalent today than it was in the 1960\'s and 1970\'s.

 I may be beating a dead horse, but, look what prohibition did during the 1920\'s! Valentines Day Massacre, Al Capone, now we have Fox news showing us(sorry, I don\'t watch Fox News) pictures of the U.S.-Mexican border violence and our elected officials are still dragging their feet over this legislation!! PLEASE, IF YOU LIVE IN NEW YORK STATE.. GOOGLE NEW YORK STATE ASSEMBLY AND SENATE AND WRITE TO YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS AND TELL THEM TO VOTE "YES" ON ASSEMBLY BILL A-07542 AND SENATE BILL S-4041.

 This is not a request by some pot smoking burn-out with nothing better to do with my time, it is coming from a fairly well educated and conscientious citizen who believes there is benefit in the medicinal application of marijuana.  Make your voices heard in New York and ALL 50 States!


                                Dave Perun




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