I read an entry on Facebook from a positive male who wrote, to him, AIDS is a very strong word but that also meant the"final" to him. It meant the end of someones life.


I wrote that eventhough AIDS is a very strong word, it is far from "final" to anyone. There are plenty of us who are living with AIDS and still have plenty of life to live.

His comment made me think.

I admit, there was a time when I also felt AIDS meant dying but then when I was diagnosed with AIDS 9 years ago, that was whenmy point of view changed and began to see it as simply…..a diagnosis. I didn't die. I didn't die a week, a month nor years later (it would be creepy if I had died and here I am typing!) but, I digress.


I'll tell you what AIDS did make me do…..it made me want to take chances. It made me not to think so much and just do things I want to do. A great example: I just booked a trip to Los Angeles with a hotel very close to Venice Beach. My mom loves the beach so I'm going to surprise her with this trip. We're set to go in September. Would I have done this before my diagnosis? Probably not. The responsible me would've said I did not need to charge anymore on my card…..but the new me says, "Fuck it! Charges are still going to be there so do it!" Would I rather not take a chance and stay at home OR plan a trip, get out of my comfort zone and experience Venice Beach, Beverly Hills, Melrose, Hollywood!


No hesitation….no regrets. It's about time I live the life I want.


Peace everyone.


  1. livelyintellectual 10 years ago

    Way to go! 🙂 Even without AIDS, we never know when life might end. I mean, you could die of a car accident anytime for that matter…

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  2. bratt1166 10 years ago

     Sounds awesome!! We aren't promised tomorrow even if we are completely healthly……….good for you and I hope ya'll have a blast!!

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  3. bluesky 10 years ago

    Dear MarcAnthony,

    I am happy for you! May this trip be a blessed one for both you and your mom!



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