hello again tribers , well after exchanging several emails with the tribe staff over the last 2 days i think we are getting some where ,after letting the know my concerns after posting a blog yesterday this is the reply i got .

In fact we do have privacy settings in place that blocks non-members from reading blogs.  This is clearly stated in your privacy settings under PROFILE.

“Select who you want to view your profile page. By selecting Members Only or Friends Only, non-members will not be able to read your blogs.”

We are taking your requests for additional privacy seriously and hope to have updates made shortly for the gallery and browse sections.


WebTribes Team

 well after they checked into what i said to be an issue the found i was actually right and here is the 2nd email i recieved today.

After looking into this, it appears the blog privacy setting isn’t working properly.  I have our tech team working on this now as well as setting gallery and browse sections to be members only.  Please let us know if you have additional feedback.


WebTribes Team

now after reading a blog from jady it appears at least one problem has been corrected and the rest are in the works. good to see that tribe admin always there to help when possible and making this a site we can all get something from. if i hear anything else from them i will update everyone as soon as i can . again thanks tribe admin

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  1. lvblkman63 13 years ago

    Very nicely done, and I have to admit the tribe staff is very responsive to member requests.

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