Heyoooo I’m typing this because I’m.. idk… stupid and type stuff that’s on my mind……anyways, only doing it for myself so I can go back and read it and say “Why did you do this?” or something like that…

I’m worried about someone, I’m not sure if he’s okay and I’m not sure if he’s alright.
Being trapped behind a screen really sucks in a way that you can type only one word and convince that you’re fine

I haven’t completely fallen for you (I think until we meet irl if that happens, I will)
Everything you do or say, everything that you are
You’re my first thought in the morning
And my last though at night before I fall asleep
And you’re my almost every thought in between

I suck at that type of stuff but it’s true XD I know distance is a little hard…welp…for me anyways but if he can make me feel the way I do, and my family telling me that I look happier in myself and just generally, it gives me hope for this relationship XD
Idk if it’s the same for him, but I do hope (ik I said it again) so.

Alsoooo, never stayed up so late in so many nights in a row XD Tbh it’s really fun, idk how I can laugh at like 1 in the morning, it’s AWESOME XD

anyways, home has been….chill, I’m home alone quite a lot, so it’s just me, and I don’t talk much to my grandparents…we keep our “distance” Ig. I just don’t like being touched by my granddad but he still touches me (pats my shoulder, hugs me ect) idk but I don’t like it and I keep telling him but I think he just forgets it.

Miss my brother though, as always, hope to see you one day

Okay that went depressing real quick, okay I’ve finished soooooooooo I’ll probs just read it after bc why not?

Ciao x




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