What a way to start a day! The smile on my face right now is one of pure delight…HA.   I had wanted to update last night but I kept on wandering off everytime I sat and started an update…(I must not have really had anything to say..LOL) So i had a job interview yesterday afternoon..though I am lacking a CDL B, they still interviewed me and I found that they will provide training, so I ultimately end up with the CDL and endorsements to boot! I wont know anything til next week, part of me is unsure about returning to work, only from the standpoint of potentially throwing myself headfirst into a job and ignoring recovery…But I am thinking that wont happen…One difference is this is a job…not a career..Starting in the Transportation Center is just that a start.  .I head back to college in the fall, and this would fall nicely into filling the financial needs throughout my 6 years of college…It gets my foot in the door OCO provides such a large variety of services to the community as well from transportation to counselling and youth advocacy groups…hmm so maybe it could lead into a career..LOL ok but that is down the road and I am talking the here and now.. 

I have had some beautiful experiences lately..ones that make me know life is getting better every day…Sharing and caring…all the experience, strength and hope that I see and hear about is so wonderful,  at the same time keeping me sober…At 43 to be living again is something I am greatful for..and those I have in my life now (though I still have walls up) I am letting some come over them.  I feel safe and no longer exposed…I do have to keep my guard up…as we all know Cunning, Baffling, Powerful….Very sneaky this disease as it waits…

Tons of love to the TRIBE ….MIKE

<B>Hey… Do a Random Act of Kindness today…You deserve it.!


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