I am open with the idea that It Will Be Okay. My emotions are inconsistent, changing quite often but recently I have had the opportunity to release some turmoil that has crippled me for so long. It is  abundantly clear that my story is not unique & i have gratitude for that because someone before me has lived my pain & optimism can find it way back into my life.  I find it interesting that the solutions are far more attainable than expected. To think that for years i have been just sitting in this mindset of desperation & complacency that i refused to acknowledge the gift of recognition. Not relying on my “exceptional” insight to provide security lifts some heavy burdens, i’m comfortable with this gradual surrender of power. There is no guarantee but remarkably i can be at peace right now with where i stand. I can finally stand up, still hesitant to walk & cannot even fathom the idea of “running” but my hope is that soon i will get there. I don’t need this hypothetical mask  everyday, some days my smile comes naturally.


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