well here we are starting a new decade in our lives. have you learned how to live in the solution and not the problem yet? have you learned how to hang out witht he winers and not the losers that held you down for so long? have you stayed teachable to remain reachable? have you learned how to control the shitty committee in your mind yet? it truly sounds easy but it is not. we let the little thing that go wrong in our lives continue to build and build to where our only release is to use. remember as long as we follow the guidelines of the NA program we "never" have to use again. that is the only promise we get in Narcotics Anonymous.

i realize that i do not "live" the perfect program but then again i don't think anybody does. if you are trying to better yourself and your quality of life on a daily basis then God and yourself cannot ask more of you. when you reach out to help a newcomer of course you are doing the right thing. when you give out your phone freely to help another addict you are doing the right thing.

Even with a few years under my belt i am still anxiously seeking more information and answers to my disease. not the "why me" type answers but the information that keeps me wanting more and more recovery. to continue to have the Desire to want more and more Recovery everyday of my life. i hope that you too can develop this burning desire for Recovery and keep the fires burning.

I pray for each brother and sister i have in recovery whether it be here on this site or all my NA friends and family around the world. please stay clean and be good to yourself. because if you don't nobody else will.


In Recovery 4 Life,




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