Ok, so it's time for another serious blog entry I guess. This shit rolling around in my head just won't leave me alone. Hopefully, I can dump it here and be done with it for a while.

Here is the thing, it's all work relately. I've been holding back and being nice for a year while doing work below the quality I strive for. The boss doesn't mind because good enough IS good enough. However, that is total BS! Good enough is NEVER enough in this business. Successfully detecting and eliminating the problems BEFORE a customer sees them is the way I work. If you have 10% of your customers being affected by something that could have been taken care of by routine maintainance…it's your damn fault!

I just can't f'n do it anymore! If I can't do my job proactively and with quality…than I don't want to do it. I'm so f'n tired of compromising and doing it good enough and moving on to the next job.

BULLSHIT I say! There is plenty of time in our days to be proactive. The only place that doesn't look good is because our tracking system which justifies the department is designed to track active complaints. That is NOT the way business should be done!

Another thing, I'm tired of seeing people treated differently because of their past with our department or their geographic location. Fuck that, everyone gets treated the same unless there is a damn good reason not to. I've been allocated 2 hours per month to solve problems for regional customers. It takes me that much time just to take my proactive steps in site let alone an entire town! Are these management people fucking nuts? They know what it takes because our main site does this shit multiple times a year and a few hours is just the start.

I just can't fucking take it and it's starting to show. I'm starting to slip and let the anger of all this BS leak out at work. I know the solution is to get the hell out of there, which I'm actively seeking to do….but that will take some time. I guess in the mean time, I just ask the folks of A Tribe to put up with me.


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