I am:  a person

I want:  to be happy

I have: the day off from  collage

I wish: i was happy
I hate: chavs

I fear:  very large crowds   and peple

  I search: happiness
I wonder: if i'll ever find it
I regret: lots of stuff

I love: chocolate, my friends,and my pc

I cry: when i need to therefore quite alot

I write:  when im at collage or when im writing a poem or story etc

I win: never
I lose: always
I confuse: myself

I need: a hug
I should: get dressed

..Do you..

Keep a diary: ye

Like to cook: no

Have a secret no-one else knows: yes 

Believe in love: yes
Want to get married: ermm when i find the right person
Get travel sickness: only if i read in cars

Think your a health freak: nope (as if im a health freak!)

Get on with your parents: sorta yer
Like thunderstorms: love them




Colour: black and deep red

Day:  saturdays
Month: december actually any winter month
Food: pasta

Season: winter

Sport: horse riding

Drink: blackcurrent. ooo or vodka



..In the last 24hrs..

Have you cried:yes

Have you helped someone: yeh
you bought sumthing: no

Have you been sick: no
ve you been to the pictures:no
ave you written a letter: yea
ve you had a serious talk: yes
you missed sumone: yes

Have you fought with your parents:  yes

have you fought with your friends: no



..Name 5 bands/artists you listen too..

1. tori amos
2. the killers

3. portishead

4. tom macrea

5. KT tunstall


..Would you ever..

Eat a bug: no

Kill someone:no

Kiss someone of the same sex: depends

Parachute from a plane: yeah

Walk on hot coal: urgh no

Go out with someone for their looks: if they had a personality too

Be a vegetarian: yes i am

Get drunk off your ass : dunno maybe

Star in a porn video: no

Dye your hair blue: lol yeah

Wear make-up in public: yep

Not wear make-up in public: yep

Cheat on a test: no

Make someone cry: only with laughter

Date someone more than 10 years older:no

Stay up all night:yep


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