Ok, so who is behind "Peaceful Nixie", besides what is written on her profile, what is she really like? Well, here she is, the girl that is behind one of the newest profiles here on the Tribe.

My name is Jessica, But, I do prefer Nixie, its not just a user name, its the name i have dedicated to my life as a witch. Yes, witch. Unfortunatly here on the tribe, wicca is not a religion choice (sorta offended) so i used the closest pagan based one i could find. anyway, I learned about the Goddess in about Feb, 2010 while i was in Basic training at Ft Jackson, SC. I did not accept it as my faith until November 2010 when a girl I was seeing really explained the whole concept to me. I was instantly hooked, I knew that it was who I was. since then i have dedicated my life to the Gods and Goddesses. As above, So Below. Blessed Be.

Ok, so next subject, I mentioned Basic Training,… yes i am currently serving in the Army National Guard, as a flight operations specalist. I am not saying i love it, but it does feel good to know i'm part of something big. And thats all i really have to say about that.

In High School I was a nerd.. I did and still love Math and Science, and i love music. I played trumpet since 4th grade, i also picked up french horn, trombone, baritone, tuba, and a little bit of percussion. I sang in the Choir as well. That is something i absolutly love and i miss being part of a band. So if anyone is interested.. let me know 😉

Hobbies include crafts, crafts, reading, and more crafts.. I cross stitch, quilt, sew clothing and animals, i also do all kinds of little stuff as well, wreaths and knitting and crocheting… i could go on and on in this paragraph about all the things i have made and things that i have ideas for creating in the future. I also love to read, my fiance and i have enough books to fill a library. everything from star trek (not mine :P), to nora roberts (not his, haha), to classics and novels and alien and god conspiricys, not to mention that i love to study killers, mainly serial and spree killers.

what else do i find nessicary to tell you? well.. i think im a sweet, kind and caring individual who never holds a grudge. I love animals and children and everyone in between, I love to vollenteer when i can. I love to cook, and am bit of a neat freak when im feeling well. I don't find myself to be one of those people that you say has bad qualities, i am a bit anti-social, but, i am not hard to get along with all the same.

So thats me, Nixie, i hope we can be friends.. cause now, we are not alone, we are part of a tribe.


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