Well from the time  of my last note till i have had alot of great info… my son is only 3 and i know i won\'t be telling him for a long time but when people ask about it and when i am going to tell him it does bring up alot,  then the fav question of everyone is are you going to have more kids… now due to my age you would think the answer is yes unless you know i have it so for thoes who don\'t they always ask why…. your little boy needs a brother or sister….i feel like punching them in the face and i do in my head,  I just don\'t get why people need to know or even want to know everything, man if i was ever that into other peoples crap i hope they can forgive me for being so rude. 

i am really not on here to vent today… this is a very happy time or it should be …. I might be getting married…. my other half and I have been on and off for the past 5 years and he is the father of my son and he and my son are still neg.( WOOT )  but i never thought i would want to take that step,  i know i have the right to be just as happy as everone else and i think i am  going to be for the first time in my life.  it\'s kinda out of the blue,  but he does make me happy so why not  right…. it\'s just when you say to yourself for years that getting marred isn\'t in your cards then "poof" it is it kinda takes you back.

so i guess my next step is to look for a dress….. it\'s not till oct so i have lots of time.

going to bed now with a smile …. that\'s new too ..

Cheers to all


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