As this Memorial Day approaches i want all to know about our Armed Forces. nobody put them up to it they signed the Oath to defend the constitution on their own. I too signed that oath 9/14/71. Most people know what I did in the military. i want to pay tribute to those who paid the Ultimate sacrifice by giving their lives for this great Country we all call home. For the few Freedoms we still enjoy today. Yes 2013 is a political clusterF$#k but those responsible will pay dearly. I also want to pray for our POW/MIA's and those who never got to come home.
I also want to tell the story of our Flag. Yes Old Glory does have a story. The 50 stars represent each state in the Union. the RED stripes represent the blood spilled on the many battlefields we have fought on from Normandy to Saigon, Irag to Afghanistan, France to Germany and many point in between. the White Stripes are for the purity of our Nation and the Blue stands for the Deep Blue seas.for those serving today thank you from the bottom of this Veterans heart. It means so much to me today to talk to young Vets about my experiences. I got to participate at a Flag Lowering ceremony last Friday at Tripler Hospital. i stood at attention and saluted as "OLD GLORY" was lowered. it is with honor and pride that I got to serve my country. please show this to your children today so they too know why we celebrate "Memorial Day". May you all be save, love God and when the firing begins keep your ass down. Most of all may God protect and get you home safe. i was Post Commander of the American Legion Post #13 in Sitka Alaska 2 times. I am proud to do all i can to help Veterans today. Signed a Grateful Veteran, John Jae DeTemple……….Please have a safe and enjoyable "Memorial DaY". but most of all remember why we celebrate it in the 1st p
You May be wondering why I keep posting it, I want everyone to know why we really Celebrate Memorial day, sure family get togethers, BBQ"S, Camping and alike are great but we are honoring our War Dead. May they all rest in Honor and Peace.


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