Moment of Reflection

The times are shifting,

my mind's drifting to a new dimension
These bare lines filling with my diction bring me to ascension
Not in an influenced condition,

won't compromise my position
Much tension,

nerves pinching while on this spiritual mission
My life feels in suspension,

pursued by the devil's henchmen
But my linchpin is never flinching when I am in hell's kitchen
Temptations glisten,

beg for attention,

often blurring my vision
Soul's imprisoned in detention,

good and bad are in contention
Convictions remain stringent,

contingent upon my commitment
Thoughts switching up in an instant,

searching for contentment
Lyrical rendition cuts deep incisions leaving my brain imprinted
With words of wisdom,

cleansing my mind of any apprehension
Break down my mental retrenchment,

ditching a world of fiction
Still wishing the hopes I envision will someday come to fruition

  1. jjrocksarizona 11 years ago

    My thought for you is to find the free dom from active addiction. there is a way out it is called Narcotics anonymous. the definition of "insanity" is repeating the same old [email protected]#T and expecting different results. i am getting ready to see my 23 New Years Clean. the journey has been worth it. i have written over 200 blogs on jjrocksarizona. you are more than welcome to see if there are any recovery suggestions that might answer some of the question you may have such as is true recov ery possible? yes it is. it's a long and hard journey but more than worth the agony you are putting yourself through every day by using. i do not have all the answers and sometimes i don't even know the question but toghether we can. you are not alone. i willo gladly become your friend and see if i can help you in any way. i am far from fixed but i am a hally of a lot better than i was 8129 days ago. please feel free to contact me any time. i am only here to help give to you what was so freely given to me.


    NA hugs,



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  2. Snowbird 11 years ago

     If you ever need to talk, from one Mother to another, I'm available. You can have the life you had before, all hope is not lost, You are in the right place! Just take a chance and reach out, it's hard but worth it. Take care I hope that you will find the will to try something different. We're here if you need anything!


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