a little background…. She is a adult.   She has moved out in the past.   “Life happened” and she had to move back in    She talks to a therapist regarding “life happening situation.”   Then, she moved out again recently.

She is being so hurtful and distant since she moved out.  The look on her eyes is different.  It is cold and heartless.

We have been there for her for the “life happened” situation, given her all we could, etc.  I drove hours a day to take her to work internships and to and from her jobs.   I finally was able to teach her how to drive.

When she decided that she wanted to move out again, I was supportive.

On moving day, she was very selfish and cruel.   I didn’t dress up for moving day and she was humiliated by me.   I was wearing a nice colorful clean sweatshirt and sweat pants that matched with marching tennis shoes.    My hair looked very nice, had earrings in, and I was wearing my make up She needed some groceries after moving her into the apartment.    She told me that she didn’t want me to go with her.  I wasn’t dressed good enough.   : ( I cried. It gets worse.  She offered to let me borrow her leggings and sweater.  She asked me to change.  I broke my ankle and foot last year and I have had challenges with walking.    As a result I have gained a few pounds.   Not a lot but a few.   I am doing better with walking now.   I tried on her sweater and leggings and she said , “You don’t look good in my sweater.   I just hope you didn’t stretch it out.” My heart is broken.   Why is she being so mean to me.  I have been there for her for everything and am devastated.

After her life happened situation, she gained a few pounds.   We didn’t mention it to her and knew it was stress eating.

We gave her as much as we could when she moved.   We helped her move.   We have her the Apple TV thing for her apartment.   She didn’t even act appreciative.

She just stopped by to grab a few things.   She only spoke to me to ask where something was.  Then, she left.   If she only knew how much I love her and want her to be happy.  I am supportive of her in her life and choices.   Why am I the enemy?

She invited me to come to her apartment.   Then changed her mind and told me not to come.

I could type more but I won’t.   Tears are flooding from my eyes and wish my heart had a turn feelings off switch.   It hurts the way she is treating us.

Thanks for listening.


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