Hi! I hope that you are doing well today and that your day is going well!

Today, I feel grateful, calm, relaxed, empowered, focused, healthy, productive, rested and content.

I hope that you are doing the best you can with what options you have to work with in your life.  I am proud of you!

Personal trainers say allow 6 weeks to tone up arms or for any fitness goals people may desire to achieve!

People who live in areas with season have five weeks! We are talking about 39 days!

Get, ready set. GO! Is my motto as of today!

Today, I already lifted some hand weights!

Yesterday,  painted my nails and toe nails a happy spring color.  Sure, there is still snow on the ground and it is cold outside but it is above 0 degrees at least.

I also started feeding the birds yesterday and giving them water.  Wrens, Cardinals, Robins and Blue Jays and other birds have come to dine!

Also, I used fake tan lotion the last two days  to get ready to show my arms and legs  “to the world” in five weeks!  Since, I am American Indian, I become dark complected version of yellow in the winter but walking by a window without sunblock in the Spring and Summer makes me looks like I have laying out in the sun.  Every year, my goal is to stay a light tan verses really tan.  Even with sun hats and sunblock and not being in the sun from 10 to 2, I turn very tan. It is almost too dark because people assume I lay out in the sun or go to a tanning bed or something.  It isn’t wise to get a tan on purpose and skin cancer is something that I want to prevent to strive to achieve!

It funny how I can become modest about showing my legs and arms during the winter and within weeks of wearing summer dresses it doesn’t bother me! The joys of living in a area with seasons!

What are fitness goals you seeking in the next 39 days?

So far today, I have…

fed the dogs

let them out to potty

let them in again (and will repeat this many times!)

fed both fish their a.m. meal

took my a.m. vitamins

consumed food

drank water

opened curtains and blinds

showered/ got dressed/ go ready/ sun blocked

lifted hand weights

Yesterday, I typed out my home task goal list.  It makes me accountable that these things get done in the next two weeks! Thanks for being aware of my goals! I appreciate you reading my goals!


Remember, that you are enough and were always enough.

You are worthy and have always been worthy of love and to enjoy life.

You are lovable and you have always been lovable.

You can (and will) work towards your self improvement goals, knowledge, character improvement, and improving/ maintaining your home.

You can accept that past traumas can’t ever be erased from your mind.  Also, you can survive and work on moving toward thriving!

You deserve to live a good life.

You can move on and heal from thumbs down situations and people with ill intent.

You are strong enough to heal.

You can control (manage) your thoughts and mood.

You  both can and deserve to look forward to a good future.

You can accept what happened to you and know it can’t be changed.


Sending wishes of success, thriving and feeling content in your personal life, work life, and meeting and exceeding all of your goals to you!

Remember you are lovable and deserve to be treated kindly!


What I am grateful today so far….

ability to walk without being in pain (big toe broken and is healing!) I can slightly bend it now

not walking with a limp from toe break anymore

having a place to live

having a warm home

ability to see

ability to hear

ability to touch things, move objects and move hands and fingers

ability to type

ability to write with my hands (and feet)  Curious about that? Okay….  Yes, one time I experienced a broken pinky finger on primary hand so I learned to write and draw with my toes and my not primary hand!

ability to cook food

ability to improve my enviroment

ability see see what needs done and make action plan

ability to drive a car

having hair on my head  (that really means a lot to me!)

having a car to drive

having food for people and pets in our home

having a way to warm up food and wash dishes

having clean water to drink

having a way to wash bedding and clothing

having locks on our doors

the option of buying another plant (I have my eye on a cool polka dotted leaved plant!) Maybe from my husband to me for Valentines day?  Yes….

having vision glasses and contacts

having a lap top, tablet and cell phone

having this web site as a option

healthy people and pets in home ::knock wood::::

I woke up this morning

I can breathe

I can drink liquids, consume food and have vitamins

I can make wise decisions

the option to improve as a person

the option to change my enviroment to bring more peace and content feelings

blue skies

favorite colors

burlap material for decorating accents

ability to knit, sew and crochet nice edges on projects

a good imagination

having determination

being a survivor and to work on thriving everyday option

the option to let “horrible warning toxic people” do their work as inspiring me to NOT be like them

the option to gain wisdom everyday

the option to do what I can make the world a better place everyday and make others feel loved


Sending hugs, hope and motivation to everyone!





































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