So less than thirty days until the move….. and lf course my mom had to have one of her breakdowns on me when I am feeling so good. She is just bonkers. Seth and his friend moved this old entertainment center outside like we told her months ago was going to happen and she freaked out. Ok, this thing is falling apart. It leans so bad to the front it looks like it is about to fall. She didn't want it, which is why she gave it to us in the first place and we got a new one because it was too unsafe. It has been sitting in the other room, in the way, for a while now. I fucking hate her so much. It is not just this one little thing, its everything. She acts like such the victim in everything. Pitty her. Pay attention to her. I am not playing into it anymore. I have tried over and over to be civil, over and over to avoid this very kind of behavior from her and it never gets me anywhere. She is a lost cause for me. I can't do it anymore. I can't stress out about her stressing out about stupid shit like not being able to plug in her wii right. Crybaby, cry me a fucking river. I find myself looking at her like are you really serious right now? Her mental illness affects my life negatively in many different ways all the time. It is not my fault, or my problem to deal with it. Why should I go out of the way to be there for her when all of this is going on when she was never there for me when I needed her for ANYTHING. It is stupid to me. I don't get it. I suffer for no reason because she is just so incapable of acting like a normal person. I have done all I can, and even if I could do any more I have done all I will. I have a fiance, two small kids, a full time job and lots of other responsiblities and stresses in my life to take on hers. Even after all of this she will still ask me to do things for her. Go out of my way for her. I was better off not even knowing her. I will not feel guilty or responsible in any way for posistions she gets herself into or for her decisions in life. She is a grown ass women and is capable of doing whatever she needs by herself. Why do Ilet myself get sucked into it? Why? I know exactly what will come of it and I do anyways. I can't anymore.

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  1. dsaintp 11 years ago

    You need to give yourself a break from her….. Stress will kill you and this doesnt sound like it is a good situation for you to be in right now. get through the things you need to get through and then take on the responsibility of having her around. I remember when my mom put me through that, I finally couldnt take it anymore and didnt talk to her for a few months. we still have our moments but space really does help. You have to be stern with it. Do it for your own sanity.

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