So, I haven't been on here in awhile. I got really busy with college stuff and other things.

I was sooo nervous about college, but it's actually going pretty good. I managed to make two friends, which suprised me. One is alot like me, so she understands the shyness(social anxiety). My classes are pretty good, though I think I might fail history because the only grade we get is a paticipation grade for the lectures, and I can't talk in class especially when I haven't even had time to think my answer through a billion and one times. So, we shall see.

My friend (she's fat like me) and I had some crazy lady come up to us and tell us we needed to stop eating our lunch because we were so fat. I was eating lean pockets and a salad….so okay. Usually I wouldn't say anything, especially to an adult. But, I'm an adult now too. So if she isn't respecting me, I won't respect her. I actually stood up for myself…and my friend I guess and told that lady off. I wanted to say even more than I did (a few choice words) but I'm way to respectful to do that. lol. I was actually proud of myself. People need to mind their own business. Just because you are fat doesn't mean you are a lazy pig. I get plenty of exercise AND walk up 7 flights of stairs 3x or more a week because I don't do elevators. I eat fine. But I also have thyroid issues, metabolic syndrom, insulin resistance, hyperinsulinemia, pcos, among other issues. This lady knew nothing about any of that yet she felt entitled to come up to two young girls and tell them they were fat and to put down the fork? It's not the first time somethign like this has happened to me either. Why do people think it's okay? Especially when there are others around that over heard the conversation. It was embarrassing.

So, just a little update and rant. Other than that incident and a couple of panic attacks, college has been better than expected. 🙂 Hope it stays that way.


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