Alright, yeah I’m on the bathroom thing again. But this I’ve noticed long before. I’m totally germ-a-phobic in the bathroom. Public bathrooms mainly but sometimes even in my own. For instance, if the toilet seat looks clean I still have to wipe it off with a big wad of toilet paper. If it looks even a little sketchy I have to have one of the liners. So once I’m finally sitting I have to rip off the first layer of toilet paper exposed and throw it away because who knows if someone touched it, if the end touched the ground or the wall, etc. Then I pull of my section and hold it in my hand. I go. Then I get all zipped and buttoned, ready to exit. I have to open the door and flush as I’m leaving because all of the germs from the toilet will come flying up out of the toilet. Let’s not even go down the path of automatic flushers. I have to be as close to the door as possible when those things go off. I’ve had them start to go off while I was still sitting and I jump up off the seat until its finished before I can sit. How gross. All those germs flying up and hitting you in the butt and stuff. No thanks! Oh so we aren’t finished. I wash my hands and have to dry them with papertowel. I can’t use the hand dryers because they blow air down and then stirs up the germs on the floor. So after drying my hands with paper towel I proceed to the door where I hope it’s a push out door (which they hardly ever are). The pull handles I have to use a paper towel to open because I find it pointless to open the door of the bathroom when so many countless hands before mine were not washed when they used it. We wont even talk about how much I’ve gotta work myself up to clean my toilet. I have to hold my breath as I clean over it. Haha I know I sound crazy. And half the times I’m doing these things I’m thinking wow, is it really that bad?


In resturaunts I cannot drink out of the cups or glasses. I have to have a straw. Because how do I know how well they cleaned their dishes. I even feel a lil funny at peoples houses, drinking out of their cups. Needless to say when I got my wisdom teeth pulled and I wasn’t allowed to use a straw for a few weeks I went bonkers and either had to push through the voices in my head or just not bother. As it is I sometimes think about the silverware. But for some reason the drinking out of a glass thing has me bothered more.


I used to go to this gas station in Tucson when I lived on the northside. And by the door they always had wetnaps. Everytime I was there I’d grab a few. Everytime! I started to wonder why I needed to do it. But I used to use them so it’s not like they were going to waste. My boyfriend at the time used to make fun of me for it and so I’d try to resist the urge and even still couldn’t half the time. I needed them. They were giving them away for petes sake. But even now if I see a gas station with wetnaps I’ll hoard some. Part of me wonders if I enjoy the smell. They remind me of when I was little. My mom used to have wetnaps in the car for emergencies.


This kinda went off into a few different directions but I’m starting to really wonder if I’m a germ-a-phobe or if just some things make me grossed out. Because I can do things like share a drink with a friend or something, not think anything of it. Things may cross my mind about little insignificant things but I still do them. Maybe I am weird. LOL


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