CD is a liar, jerk, and possibly retarded


Ocd is the biggest liar in the world. Whenever I come back to it with a peice of evidence, it said I have to do it one more time. I did, and came back, and it said it\’s not good enough

OCD: You boyfriend like his exgirlfriend more:

Me: He doens\’t, they broke up already, he told me he loves me, he told me he doens\’t like her anymore.

OCD:is that it? that\’s not enough evidence

Me: well, he also…….

OCD: list the things he said and done for you before to prove that he loves you more one more time and I would let you go

me: I already did

Ocd: just once more.

me: (listing eveyrthing over again)

ocd: wait just once more

me:you said that was the last time

ocd: maybe you left something out, you have to do it perfectly

me:ok(wrong attitude)

me: fuck you *walks away* (right attitude)

sure i\’m going to feel unloved by the thought. I would also feel betrayed that he love his ex more. but thats better than feeding in OCD. when OCD finally realize it can no longer get self reassurance from me, OCD would slowly go many time can one possibly make ocd satisfied, the answer is indefinitely, ocd craves for reassurance constantly and the only way to make it go away is to stop giving it reassurance.

scrupolosity example

(btw, scrupolisty is when someone has intense fear of sinning or doing wrong deeds, usually religion religion, this is a very vague definition, for more details please go to wikipedia)

OCD: have you confess yet

he:yes i have, 20 times alread

ocd: I\’m sure u are a nice person, but in order to prove that, you need to confess again, i mean, how do you know you didn\’t confess teh 15th time wrong

he: you are right i might have confess the 15th time wrong(confesses again)

ocd: good, now are you sure you confesses the whole thing perfectly

he: no, not really

ocd: then you are not doing enough to show me that you are not a bad person

he: *confesses over again*(bad attitude)

he: fuck you! (good attitude)

you get the point by now that ocd lies. eveyrtime it tells you to do it one more time, it never means it. it\’s probably retared because it cna\’t grasp what ur trying to tell it even over 20 times. so why waste time of this jerk. WALK AWAY.


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