Not a good thing when you walk through the door and immediately sense that it is going to be a bad day just because your boss arrived before you. Thus began my day today. First of all, I get here and he’s already finished my job so I offer to go home, since there was really nothing for me to do. Yes, I was a bit peeved so he picked up on my tone. Secondly, apparently the calculations I did yesterday for a particular task do not match up to his beloved computer’s numerical data. Well, sorry for your luck guy. I went back over the same area today and guess what? I got the same data today as yesterday, so perhaps your stupid computer isn’t all you’ve played it up to be! The problem is, I’m not the only person who has tried to tell him that the data the computer has is wrong. Nearly every person who works here or delivers here has told him, on several occasions that the data is either being input wrong (which I can see, especially if he did it in a hurry) or there is a disconnect between the office computer (almighty 100% “right! NOT) and the store front register. But we have all discovered that attempting to converse with a brick wall does, in fact, not work. So, we labor along, seemingly deaf, dumb and blind to the consuming public and constantly deal with being screamed at, told we’re wrong, or talked to in a manner that would suggest we don’t have the smallest shred of intelligence. All because ONE person does not agree with the facts that we present on a daily basis. So what to do? Internalize the conflict, perhaps be a mite bit “snippy” (that’s what I was called this morning!), and go on about our day. Otherwise, the business would more than likely not run or get accidentally vandalized, and let’s agree that no one wants that to happen, as we would all be out of a job.


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