I know this is going to sound stupid but my boyfriend and I were having a conversation yesterday about this website and how it is helping with my anxiety. (I know i have yet to get into a lot of my psychological problems, but I'm still building trust.) I was explaining to him about my reoccuring thoughts. He told me it was thought OCD. I had never thought about it like that? Has anyone else classified their thoughts as OCD? My thoughts are fearful, but they do not affect my quality of life too much. For example one thought I have daily is about a bridge I cross everyday to and from work. Anytime I am stopped on this bridge, I think about the bridge collasping, me dying, and how caotic and tragic that would be. I am not afraid of the bridge, I drive over it everyday, but my what if thoughts are there. I also think everytime I go outside my appartment I'm going to get robbed. (about 6-8 months ago about 4 robberies happened at my apartment complex, the guy was caught and we haven't had trouble since). I work at 6am so I leave for work before daylighrt and I'm always looking around. I know it is catious to look around, but I think I over do it. I also have bad anxiety when my boyfriend is late getting home. I always think that if he's not home when I'm expecting him that he's gotten into a car accident or something equally bad has happened. It doesn't cross my mind that maybe he stopped for gas or a bit to eat. All I think about is it should take x amount of time for him to get from point A to point B. These thoughts consume me and after about 20minutes of freaking out, I check up on him. I don't do it to be nosey, or to be intrusive, or the jelous girlfriend. I do it because I'm legitamently scared something bad has happened to him. WIth my life in shambles and my family issues, he is the one I have 100%. These thoughts are getting rediculous. I sometimes even have the "robbery" fear (or a kidnapping/rape fear) in the middle of the day when I'm walking my dog. (who isn't a very good gaurd dog).Although I'm not certain if it is thought OCD or if its just negative thoughts. I want them to stop, I need them to stop. I hate living with fears and "what ifs." I want to enjoy walking my dog and be ok, being home alone at night. Geesh, any suggestions? These thoughts have been with me so long, I don't know how to break the cycle.


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