I've been sleeping a lot lately. I don't mean to but I wake up and look at the clock and it's after 3. Even then I don't get up for another hour or two. It's not like I have anything to do with my time but I've never liked sleeping too much. It usually gives me headaches and such. I know my granma thinks its because of how late I've been staying up but in the past that's never mattered. The worst part is even though I've slept so much I'm still tired. Not sleepy but tired. Also, I don't know what I do when I'm asleep but I'm always waking up really tense. As if I'd been tensing all my muscles in my sleep. I know I used to clench my teeth, did it while I was awake, too. I have to conciously keep my jaw loose so I don't. It seems like no matter how much or how little sleep I get I'm always tired. I know I should probably go to a doctor but I have no insurance and really can't afford it. There's a lot of things I need to go to the doctor for but this bothers me the most. I'm always tired, have no energy, get light-headed a lot and most of the time it's like I can't breath. I know a lot of people are against that whole health plan the pres is tryin to pass but just how many of them don't have insurance. How many have to sit around and hope that the problem will just go away and know it won't. It seems like everything that they try to make better I just fall through the cracks. Too old, too young, no kids, not bad enough off, not good enough off. Guess I'm just the wrong age and the wrong amount of poor for not being healthy.


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