Rye, you made me remember old writings I have. Here\'s a couple.

Just a schoolmate introduced us, but the first time our eyes met, bang, I couldn\'t keep the smile off my face and our eyes danced when each time we saw one another. This guy was different, he felt me too. I never told him what wasin my heart and our moments slipped away. I had fallen in with an older crowd of drug inducing, sexual suducing yound men, that I was constantly lured to. My crush on the schoolmate never left me, even into adulthood, my thought would wander back to my highschool love. One night I had a dream, where we met and made love and the we said goodbye. That was the last time I saw him.


I gre up without the knowledge of what love really is. When my sexuality was awakened, I thought this must be it. But physical sex doesn\'t have anything to do with the real thing. The closer I\'ve ever came to real love, the less sex had to do with it. I love people\'s souls. I love how they make me feel, I love what I see to the windows of the mind. I \'ve had alot of lovers in my young life but only a few loves. By loves I mean only in what I saw in their eyesand felt. When it has been there, it has, I have felt it, that\'s all I  need. My love has been very pen and if I feel it, ya that\'s it, if I feel it I thinkl that\'s all I need, but that is not true, real love is slower that that, it ios deeper than that, it takes time and it takes more work than you ever know.





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