Totalitarinism – of or relating to a political regime based on subordination of the individual to the state and strict control of all aspects of life esp. by coercive measure.

This is the meaning found in the dictiionary, this is the meaning of all our lives as we are coming to know them. This is what our nation is heading for, if not already drowning in. I squirm and become uncomfortable with each new passing law, even realizing they are for my own good or someone\'s. Isn\'t it a shame we have retarted back to creatures that don\'t know how to exist without being told what to do on a daily basis.  One of our fundamental rights is surely being broken. I t is slowly being whittled, chipped, smashed out of our existance. That right is Individual Freedom. "But" you say, most laws are only trying to prevent citizens from harming themselves and/or others. Such as drinking laws, smoking laws, helmet laws, seatbelt laws, etc. Can\'t anyone see, we are being led down a road that keeps getting narrower and narrower, eventually our lives will be dictated to us by the endless numbeer of laws our government sees fit to condemn us with. I vote, but these are not laws that the people vote for, the majority of the time it is some politicians idea. We are not the government anymore, that ceased a long, long time ago. We have gotten too many and our voices can no longer be heard, even when raised. We are thought of as whining children or apathetic nobodies. I do not relish being treated as a moronic child. Nor am I overjoyed to spend endless years in jail for breaking the endless laws I never had a vote in. I am left with the last frontier, that which I can only dream about.

OK, OK I wrote this, I think right out of Highschool, the end is a little corny but I like it anyway.


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