We all have gone trough the stages of grief. From the day we were told we’re dying with HIV… Many things have changed. We lost lovers. We lost our confidence. We lost the joy of life and the drive to go on. But we learned. We were born again. This time with all the love and hope that we have lost since age robbed us of ourinnocence. Now we are stronger. Now we arehappier. Now weappreciate life better. Now we know… We’re LIVING with HIV…

For many a day, i have been getting sad tweets from IAMHIVPOSITIVE. He has stopped blogging because of anindecentof his hidden identity beingchallenged. I have tied to reach out but with no avail.

Now, i am happy he’s writing again and seems to be more spirited. I read the poem he wrote for a lover and was moved and inspired to write this poem about HOPE. This is for him.

This poem was inspired by IAM and Natalie Grant’s “Our Hope Endures” so i write this poem with that same title.

“Our Hope Endures”

We have been torn

Since that dark morn

Tattered our souls

Hearts filled of holes

We were afraid

Our lovers fade

We’re reassured

But unsecured.

We were consumed

By shame we’re doomed

Yes proud we were

But now a blur

Death we welcome

Life we shy from

Love we hunger

Torn asunder

Will we be loved?

Will we be robbed?

Of faith and hope

Forever mope

But our Hope endures the worst of conditions
It’s more than our optimism
Let the earth quake
Our Hope is unchanged

We find love from deep within us.

We find care from all around us.

We see light after all the dark.

We see joy in all lights we spark.

We denied it.

We were angry.

We have begged him.

We were lonely.

We now accept.


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