I have no idea what I’m supposed to do next. I have nothing to do, nobody to do it with and no way of changing either of those situations. This is pathetic. I can’t find satisfaction in anything. But that’s normal, so I’m not sure why I’m complaining about that.

My real main complaint in this blog is work. The IMO from work is getting in contact with my doctor to find out what my fitness for work is like. That basically means they are trying to decide how much leave they are going to give me before they pull the pin. Fine. I knew they were going to do that anyway and that doesn’t really upset me too much.

However tonight I get a message on Facebook from a mate I used to go to university with – he wants to know if I can get broadband in my donga. Why would he want to know that? Well it turns out he is going to be working at the same site as me, in the same department, until the project down the road from us cranks up. Great. Without a doubt he’ll also be filling in for my role while I’m not there.

I always knew I was going to get passed over for the upcoming project. I never had a chance of getting in. But to get passed over for somebody I went to uni with, and then to have them come and take over my job as well is just a kick in the guts.

I wish I could find a reason to hate the guy, but I can’t. He’s a good bloke and isn’t a bad engineer. He’ll do a better job than I would have anyway. It’s hard enough as it is to watch everybody around me live their lives while I’m stuck at home with nothing to do, but to have my job taken from me by somebody who can do it better than I can is just crap.


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