Hello ladies and gentlemen. Here I go off on another one of my rants, again. This time it is about some people on the internet. Now first thing I a will say I am no angel whatsoever on the net. I have had my moments when I have been a complete and total jerk on the net and I know that and, unfortunately, I will probably be one again sometime down the road. In some peoples opinion this whole blog might be one of those times, but right now I don’t care. I have been on the net, off and on, for quite some time here. I have met my share of good people and my share of complete idiots who need more help than I do, but that is a different story all together. I have been doing the chat thing for more than a few years, too. I know I can get carried away with some things and the like, but what gets me is when some people think they “own” a freaking room and think that it is a privilege for you to be there. No one owns a damn chat room. PERIOD!!! I am just tired or people ordering others like they are some kind of lesser person than they are just because they have some kind of program or privilege that most of the other people don’t. Just because you have that doesn't mean you are better than everyone you just have something most people don't and I am tired of some people getting their freaking heads so damn big cause of it. They think they can just order others around and make them behave like they want everyone to, well some of us don't fit that mold. We have our own way of doing things and I know that will rub some people the wrong way and I try to avoid conflict in that manner, but when people think it is their prerogative to tell someone how to act when they are doing nothing but being in a room trying to have some fun it ticks me the hell off. Like I said previously I am by far not angel here and that is just a fact, but I would wonder how some of them would act if they had to put up with their own shit that others have to put up with from them. I don’t think the shoe would fit to well on them either. There I have said what I felt needed to be said End of rant, maybe.


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