Well today was my little sister’s wedding and boy did they make me feel like crap. My 2 biological sisters act like I don’t exist. They have always acted like that for as long as I can remember. Well my older sister was my little sisters maid of honnor. I wasn’t in the wedding at all who knows why. At least I had my stepsisters there and my stepbrothers. They to are also considerd out casts.
The best part about the whole thing was my hubby wore a pantera t-shirt that said cowboys from hell on it. Almost everyone that was there were all church people so leave it to my hubby to make me feel better. It was funny you should have seen all the looks we were getting.:biggrin:
Then I had to take pics with my “sisters” not that I wanted to. My mother made me you should have seen me standing there wearing jeans and a black shirt. They were both wearing these beautiful dresses. It was an outside wedding and she just wore a little dress that was white with black detail and had a black bow around it. Then my older sis was wearing a black dress with a white bow around it.
I really can’t stand them anymore they act like they are to good to even talk to me. I think the only time I talked to them was to say hi and bye. I’m soooo sick of being treated like I don’t exist. It use to really bother me but I think I’m getting use to it. The only time it really gets to me is when we go to stuff like this. Tomorrow is my stepfathers b-day and so I have to deal with feeling nonexistant again. The only ones that talk to me are the stepbrothers and sisters. It’s really sad because my stepsister and younger sis use to be really close. Now that she is with this rich guy her shit don’t stink but we all know it does!!!!!!! Again thank you to anyone that reads this.:sad:


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