Wow, clearing out boxes full of papers and old photos to get ready for my new apartment. It's funny how some people keep nothing and others keep everything, I guess I'm sort of in the middle. But up till a few years ago I had a plumbing business, 6 apartment buildings that had a total of 20 apartments, a old historic house I renovated and 11 acres I was building a horse farm on, it seemed like I got mail by the pound each day. And trying to keep track of it all was a constant thing, a girl did come by 3 afternoons a week to keep some sort of order.

In that time I meet many positive friends, some were lovers, one who I married, I am speaking of online, ( that was a short marriage in 2004, the (NO-ADMISSIONS POLICY) of the US made life very stressful even with a Immigration Attorney. My first wife I met at a support group in 1987

It was cool sifting through the photographs and watching my life in those photo's, I found some photos of being in Austin with two very dear friend and a new friend (he started one of the first poz sites), we were all having dinner.

I got a call from one of the gals in Austin ( let me initial her K ), she told me that (P) had died and did I still have any photos of dinner and our group vacation to Galveston, I told her I did and sent them to her, she was dating the guy I mentioned earlier.

What I loved about P was the fact that even though she faced death on a daily basis, she always seemed to find the beauty of each day, she lived everyday as if it was her last, and honestly each day is our last, we just never know what day that will be. I remember how she would play Harry Nilsson's tune 'Gotta get up' each morning, it was programed into her alarm clock.

K was all choked up, so was I, P was such a unique girl, who was full of surprises constantly, whenever I would visit Austin she would always tell me to stay by her, why waste money on a hotel, she had some dinner coupon book and we would eat these great meals all around Austin for almost nothing. She showed me the honky tonks on 6th and Congress, a area called the 'Warehouse District', it was bar after bar with great music for free, my favorite was seeing Toni Price at the 'Continental Lounge', she played the happy hour every Tuesday, it was a place with saw dust on the floor, everyone in cowboy boots and a tiny stage. One of my favorite tunes was the 'Start of Something Good'

I immediately fell in love with Austin, how I am going to miss P every time I go back to Austin, all of us had tried to buy this 4 family across from a small college in Austin, not UT. I never knew how big UT was until she told me, she gave me her UT shirt to take home along with 2 two pairs of boots 'Ostrich half quill' which I truly love every time I put them on, she tried to teach me to boot skoot, but I never quite got the hang of it, but it was still fun.

It seems like we spend the first half of our Life collecting stuff and the other half trying to get rid of stuff …lol

I woke up and played Harry Nilssons tune and thought of (P), I dedicate this Blog to her, I am sure she is listening to it up where ever Life take us to, laughing and planning a adventurous day !

I love and miss you my dear dear friend, here is another version of your favorite tunes by Nilsson !!!, till we meet again someday, till that time I will keep you in my heart and mind each morning, mwaaahhh……

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  1. Wazooo 8 years ago

    I think we all do, that does not mean we don't care or miss them. thanks again for your comments and warm welcome, I backed off all the sites for a while, it's good to see a few familar faces here 🙂

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