Well I just got the news from the city.  A huge pine tree whos rootsystem is pushing the street up and threatens to destroy our nearly new driveway ( under 3 years old) is being stated for…uh…termination.  We made it known to the ciy at least a year ago and it has taken this long for the wheels to move and the red tape to be plowed through (big surprise)  In view of the economy, I’m actually surprised that they are doing it at all.  The tree sits on the edge of our neighbors property line but luckly for all, it also sits on the city right-of-way….so they will have to pick up the tab. Considering that our fair city just increased our property taxes, I\’m not sad about this….What makes me a little sad is that even though this pine tree is messy…even though it does present a hazard if it fell towards either our neighbors house or ours….and even though pine trees are notorious lightning rods ( i\’ve heard thet thr resin is the reason for this)….I will still miss it….. I have no idea why but our street is totally devoid of large trees for a one block span……We\’re in an old working class neighborhood form the 1920s-40s and it is heavily wooded including our back yard. Why our section of the street was clear-cut in the front yards I have no clue. Several of us have planted new trees in the past couple of years. We planted a young Flaming Maple last year, but it will be years before it will offer any shade….While I won\’t miss raking up bales and bales of pine needles from the driveway, or cleaning pine resin and bird poop off of the car and truck…what I will miss is the tiny hummingbird nest that the mother returns to every summer. We have a hummingbird feeder hanging from the awning in front of the dining room window. If one os very still, they can sit there and watch her make trips between her nest and the feeder, unaware that she\’s being watched. I just hope they cut the tree down before the warm weather  brings her back up from her winter home in Mexico….I\’t probably silly to worry about a hummingbird but, there it is…..just me rambling and feeling very mellow today 🙂


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