Ok I think I’m convinced ppl with HIV/ Aids become instant scientist. lol Funny but true I’ve been looking at some of the blogs and thinking about myself. And I’ve come to this conclusion. And Although we all go through numerous things just to wake up each day, I’ve found that us as a group of ppl living in this judgmental world, are some of the strongest ppl. I’m not talking about the small group of us that insist on being stuck in the non-reality. But those of us who get up every day know today might be a drowsy one, or those of us who go to work know that is might be hard to stand for hours at a time, let along stare at a computer screen. Those of us who can say I take my Meds every day, or even those of us who can be truthful and say hey I missed a day or two but ill be back on track. Not saying everyone doesn’t have their day when they are like y me! But I’m guessing you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t. I just say I amazed at how much we go through and still we have time to out up blogs and live normal lives, something that most normal ppl can even do, and don’t want to believe we can do. After being pocked and pinched once every month, or every three months which ever you doctors prefers. The constant treatments like you are a lab rat at times. Yet, I find that there are those that still give back more than we get ban and that is amazing. So funny how life is the things that are supposed to make you fall, makes you stand stronger. I’ve always said HIV didn’t kill me, the day I give up on learning, and trying to educate others is when it’s my time. The virus saved my life, even thou I was young when I found out, I think without it I would be on a road to nowhere. “God only put things on you that you can bare.” I believe that saying, He must think we are all such strong ppl. So thanks, to all of you who write blogs up, answer blogs, or just come here to read. It means a lot that there are ppl strong enough to face the fact and still live there life!!!!!!

  1. keekeeG06 11 years ago

    wel XK in here so that will change i Hope ! at least you got one more vocal person added to the group you know! i understand y at first ppl are afride not to speak out , cus ive been one of those ppl! but after a while you know there should be something inside thats says you know its here and what can i do about it! its not a death sentence! we can live longer, and healty lives just like someone with a normal immune system! life is short so im hoping that someone will read this and start coming out of the drak! there is life outside of HIV/ Aids. one without CD4 numbers, and blood tranfusion, and blood draws! but its up to the person to really take the time to see it! what i like about having to deal with this everyday is that each day i dont know how im going to feel! which make me a versital person , lol . Gives me a little more personilty then i already have! you might get nice and sweet me today, and tmrw you might get me with the little twist! but ppl have to imbrace it and learn to live with it! you dont know you could wake up trmw and get hit by a bus! at least i know what im going to die from (maybe) and thats fine with me!!!!!


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  2. keekeeG06 11 years ago

    all true comments thank you


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