I have been thinking of writing this for almost 3 weeks but I guess procrastination has delayed me of doing so. It started on the day when I was at prayers since 6am to 12pm in our buddhist temple for the flood victims in Malaysia. I was not able to visit or I should say I rather not go because you would never know anything that might be spreading after the math. Therefore I made up my mind to just go for prayers to help them.

On that morning itself, I feel I need to do something. Also for the same week, it has been some worries about my new job application on the medical check up especially on the urine test. MJPositive did reply to my blog and I feel glad that at least there is someone here that help me out and let me understand how to handle this situation. At then end, everything goes well. I am fit for work, now waiting to get to my new job and another worries, which I feel I should not is the insurance application for the work. As you guys know in Malaysia, they will apply insurance on behalf of you for like simple medical coverage. But I guess I don't feel comfortable about it because in the form there is questions that I did not answer it the right way. Hope everything will be ok on this part.

End of the year is coming soon, Christmas is just around the corner, I think we all must reflect on our life and contribute to the society. I am pledging to do some simple charity on the old fold home to may be get some supplies for them as a contribution. I hope you guys could do the same on the community so that we all benefit the good deed we are doing and care for the others.

Also another vow that I have made is that by next year, I would want to visit kathmandu to our buddhist temple over the hill for prayers. Hopefully this will come true and everything will be alright.

Just about 20 minutes ago, I just finished the below link of a video of a gay guy sharing his experience about being HIV positive. We should learn from him. For those who is still out there wondering about life, may be we should view it and feel glad about life.


Too long of a blog. Hope you guys enjoy reading it. Just want to wish all my tribe friends here. A early merry christmas. May good health and good fortune, shower you from the front entrance of your door and smile everyday to have a good life ahead.


  1. gregPriv 12 years ago

    Thanks everyone. I am so glad to have you guys around. Om Mani Pad Me Hum to thewiz88. 🙂

    Lilly, yeah that video is really an honest account. I did learn something through that.

    MJ, tech, someone, thanks for being supportive all the times. If I could meet you all one day. Definitely I will cry out loud. Not because of sadness, because of happiness seeing you guys and the appreciation that I have in my heart for having you guys.

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  2. gregPriv 12 years ago

     Thanks was23. For you just don't give up ok. You can still live a normal life. Just don't give up on yourself. Just believe you can do it ok. We will definitely be together to grow old together with the rest of us here. We will share good moments here and all the lifetime achievement. 🙂 Gambatte!!!

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